Our History

Hello, my name is Roni Bostwick. I am the President of Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc. and the co-author of the "Teach Me Writing" program. As a licensed elementary school teacher for 17 years, I taught Title 1 reading and math for 11 years.

When the state of Florida began testing writing skills (Narrative and Expository) in the fourth grade, my fellow teacher Sandra Jackson and I quickly realized that our student’s ability to read had no influence on their ability to write. In other words, strong readers were not strong writers. In fact, all of our students struggled with the process of writing. There was no consistency in their background knowledge and nothing that we could build on from year-to-year. This was the catalyst for the "Teach Me Writing" Program. Sandra had a strong phonics background and I placed a huge emphasis on language and vocabulary. Together, Sandra and I created "Teach Me Writing" and we made great strides with our students in their writing abilities.

Today, my husband Brian and I own Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc. We spend a great deal of time traveling throughout the country training teachers and attending conferences. I feel privileged to have traveled to so many great places and to have met some amazing people. I leave every event with new friends. I feel that I am making a difference in the world and that I am touching lives in a positive way.

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The Program

"Teach Me Writing" is a School-Wide Sequential Writing Program for kindergarten through fifth grade (Levels A-F) that provides teachers with daily lessons at every grade level. "Teach Me Writing" provides a consistent scope and sequence, as well as a consistent language, presentation and expectation for teaching the process of writing. This non-consumable, scientific researched based/peer reviewed program is cost effective and available in hard copy or on CD. Language is the key to literacy. The language incorporated in this program was designed to expose children to many different topics and ideas. We ask teachers to please take the time to explain, clarify and discuss the new vocabulary words each day. Children can only write about what they know, we will increase what they know through words.

Word Wall Posters are provided for each teacher - 43 color posters displaying enriched vocabulary for Over-Used Words, Vivid Verbs, Emotion Words and the Five Senses. Teachers are asked to please set and model a high standard for word choice and elaboration. Our ultimate goal is for the children to be proficient writers with a strong voice and have the ability to make powerful word choices.

"Teach Me Writing" is a language-based program that promotes language acquisition, literacy, voice, reading, writing and comprehension starting the first day of kindergarten. Teacher Handbooks provide teachers with detailed instructions and lesson plans. A Grade Level Specific Training Presentation and School-Wide Training Presentation are provided on every CD. “Teach Me Writing” is also an effective tool for middle school and high school students struggling to master the process of writing.

"Teach Me Writing" is a powerful tool for after school and tutorial programs. Along with the detailed, day-by-day instructions, benchmarks, standards and assessment, "Teach Me Writing" has a nine-week tutorial built into Levels C-F that teaches the most basic principles of the process of writing. This ensures that every teacher is empowered with the right tools and that every student can write, regardless of their reading level.

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Brian and Roni Bostwick

I had great results in my classroom utilizing the '"Teach Me Writing"' curriculum. The results of my PACT (state test) scores for writing were as follows: 25% Advanced, 69% Proficient, 6% Basic (1 student), and 0% Below Basic!!!!
- Janet Cantrell, 3rd Gr
Easley, South Carolina


I think the "Teach Me Writing" program is very teacher-friendly. The program is so easy to use. I especially like the fact that there is a lesson for every day of the school year.
- Phillip Greblick, 5th Gr
Monroe, Louisiana


As a beginning teacher, I would have been lost without '"Teach Me Writing"'. I felt overwhelmed just planning for the basic curriculum. I had no idea how to create lessons for writing. '"Teach Me Writing"' gave me the organization and structure that I needed to be successful.
-Mary Christensen. 4th Gr
Hollywood, Florida


'"Teach Me Writing"' has it all! Every teacher at my school is responsible for teaching writing now. NO MORE EXCUSES! The binders have lessons, word wall lists, and pre-writing webs at every grade level. This is how writing is supposed to be taught.
-Maria Lozano, 4th Gr
Brooklyn, New York