Thank you for your interest in the “Teach Me Writing” program.  With your purchase, you will have the tools to teach the process of writing using a systematic approach. “Teach Me Writing” provides a consistent scope and sequence, as well as a consistent language presentation and expectation for teaching the process of writing.  You can trust that every minute you spend teaching writing will be purposeful and will provide the children with valuable knowledge that will build from grade level to grade level.

Language is the key to literacy.  The language incorporated in this program was designed to expose children to many different topics and ideas.  Please take the time to explain, clarify and discuss the new vocabulary words each day.  Children can only write about what they know, we will increase what they know through words. 

This program emphasizes the process of writing.  The quality of writing each day is more important than the quantity. “Teach Me Writing” depends on the teacher to model how identify a topic and then how to focus, organize and elaborate on that topic.  Please set and model a high standard for word choice and elaboration.  Our ultimate goal is for the children to be proficient writers with a strong voice and have the ability to make powerful word choices.

I am very proud of the “Teach Me Writing” program and hope you find it to be a valuable teaching tool.

Most Sincerely,

Roni Bostwick, President
Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc.
Co-Author of “Teach Me Writing”
Licensed Elementary Teacher