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"Teach Me Writing" is scientific-researched based and peer reviewed. It meets all of Title One's Requirements. This curriculum is unique in that it provides teachers with daily lessons at every grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade. This program is only available through Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc. Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc. is the only publisher and distributor of the "Teach Me Writing" program and owns all copyrights, patents and trademarks.
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Scientific Researched-Based / Peer Reviewed Report

"Teach Me Writing" is a School-Wide Sequential Writing Program for Grades K-5. This evaluation report was presented at the 47th Annual Conference of the Florida Educational Research Association meeting held in Gainesville, Florida, November 6-8, 2002.
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Test Data

"Teach Me Writing" has proven to be an effective tool in raising student achievement. We have gathered statistical data that demonstrates substantial increases in state writing assessment scores when the "Teach Me Writing" program is implemented School-Wide.
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Potential Funding Sources

Sanron Educational Enterprise's products and Professional Development Workshops meet the requirements for various federal funding sources. Use the funding summary to see which federal grants may apply to your purchasing situation. These funding sources can be used for either curriculum, professional development and/or software, check for details.
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Title II-A Funding – Professional Development Opportunity

The "Teach Me Writing" program and the Title II-A Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund equals a high yield strategy for using Federal Funds.

The "Teach Me Writing" School-Wide Sequential Writing Program and Staff Development are provided all for one low price.
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Sole Source Notification

Evaluation Report

Potential Funding Sources

Potential Funding Sources

Title II-A Professional Development