The Benefits

Here are "Teach Me Writing’s" unique aspects that make it so valuable.

  • "Teach Me Writing" is non-consumable.
  • Teachers do not need extensive training in order to implement the program. (A School-Wide Training Presentation CD  is provided with every purchase.)
  • This six-level program provides teachers with daily lessons at every grade level.
  • "Teach Me Writing" has been proven effective in the classroom as a teaching tool for ESOL, Title 1, Gifted and Dropout Prevention students.
  • "Teach Me Writing" implements the Six Traits of writing.
  • "Teach Me Writing" is a Research-Based Curriculum that is consistent with the requirements of Title 1.
  • High Expectations/Standards for Teachers and Students
  • "Back to Basics" teaching organized day by day
  • Writing influences Academic Performance
  • Paragraph Development, Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, Conventions and Poetry
  • Scope & Sequence - Consistent Language, Presentation and Expectation
  • Teaches the "PROCESS of WRITING"
  • Teachers set and model a high expectation for Word Choice and Elaboration

Six Traits

"Teach Me Writing" incorporates the six traits of effective writing to teach Paragraph Development, Narrative, Expository and Persuasive Writing, Conventions and Poetry.

  1. Students learn how to form sounds ideas and develop good organizational skills through the use of pre-writing strategies.
  2. Students’ Individual Voice is developed as a result of being exposed to an enormous amount of Vivid Vocabulary, different Introduction Styles and exciting Story Plots.
  3. Vocabulary pertaining to Emotions, the Five Senses, Over-Used Words, Vivid Verbs and Figurative Language help students create mind pictures. These powerful words are introduced and incorporated in daily writing activities.
  4. Smooth Fluency is achieved with the implementation of different Introduction Styles along with the appropriate Transitional Words.
  5. Correct Conventions are taught through the use of pre-written Narrative and Expository papers. Students learn to identify and correct common mistakes such as capitalization, punctuation, word usage and spelling.

As a beginning teacher, I would have been lost without '"Teach Me Writing"'. I felt overwhelmed just planning for the basic curriculum. I had no idea how to create lessons for writing. '"Teach Me Writing"' gave me the organization and structure that I needed to be successful.
-Mary Christensen, 4th Gr
Hollywood, Florida


The '"Teach Me Writing"' program allows teachers to work smarter, not harder. All of us within a grade level are all teaching writing the same way! This program makes teaching writing easy.
- Sarah Smith , 2nd Gr
Eagle Pass, Texas


As an ESE teacher, trying to motivate my students to write is often quite difficult. With the help of '"Teach Me Writing"', my students were “begging” me to write after only one lesson. The structure of this program gave them the confidence they needed to feel successful.
- Ms. Harmon
ESE Specialist
Milledgeville, Georgia